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Before we launch GUI on docker, let's understand how GUI works on any system. What provides a display interface or a graphical interface between the system and the user is a client/server windowing system known as the X Window System, and sometimes X11 or even X.

It is a dedicated…

Before we begin lets answer the obvious: why are we doing this.

Today we see that all over the world institutes and universities are opening up undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Data Science, AI, ML, etc. But when companies try to apply these AI and ML projects, 85% of their…

Our goal is to create an Ansible playbook to retrieve new container IP and update the inventory to configure webserver inside that container.

We begin with writing our ansible configuration file:


Then we add a template for our inventory.

{{ dockerip.container.NetworkSettings.IPAddress }} ansible_ssh_user=root ansible_ssh_pass=root

Now its time to create two playbooks which should look something like:

The idea of Machine Learning had been around much before the world saw fifth generation of computers, and became public when Alan Turing made a game called the imitation game which is based on the original in which a man and a woman go into separate rooms and others try…

We often need to automate remote systems which with the hassle of installing agents in all of them but being agentless and totally declarative, Ansible saves the day.

Ansible is a DevOps tool. It is an agentless automation engine that works with all kinds of hosts. It comes with a requirement for the controller node to be a Unix/Linux system, preferably RedHat.

Before we understand SQS we need to know what is Message Queuing. Message queue is a service that is just like a database with a higher throughput and faster speeds. When they are used it feels like there is nothing in the way. Lets try to understand the below topology.

Bhavesh Kakrotra

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